Mark Whatley joins Jon Isaacson on The DYOJO Podcast to discuss the Silica Exposure: Regulatory Evolution research white paper published by Actionable Insights and authored by Kevin Hussey (United Fire and Water), Mark Whatley (Actionable Insights) and Rachel Stewart (Titan Restoration). 

This video and article specifically address this Silica Exposure white paper but the full conversation, which can be viewed on The DYOJO Youtube or heard on The DYOJO Podcast Episode 9, also touches on a few great quotes and thoughts on collaboration from Mark:

"Rising tides raise all ships." 

By being humble and asking adjusters how he could improve his Xactimate estimating, Whatley has been able to excel in many areas to the benefit of himself, his team and now the network of professionals that he works with through Actionable Insights. The pair discusses some of the principles that Jon addresses in his ebook, which is also a popular article on the R&R website, The 10 Commandments of Xactimate Estimating Success.

"Diverse perspectives, shared objectives." 

Out of necessity in the early stages of his career as an estimator, Mark pulled together a group of over 30 peers to discuss best practices for scoping in the industry. Out of these many meetings, conversations and lessons learned over their collective careers, these lessons have formed the treasure trove of digital assets. Many of the tips and tricks come out of two books that the group wrote, The Umpires Mitigation Manual and The Umpires Repair Manual

As restoration contractors pursue what Jon calls becoming a Doctor of Disaster, they must be aware of the realities of silica sand and train their teams to understand:

1. Ignorance is not an excuse. In the information age none of us can hide behind the terrible excuse, "I didn't know." 

2. You are responsible for the safety of yourself, your team and your organization's response to workplace hazards which include silica sand. Whether you are a technician working in the field, a mid level manager or an executive, you must work to understand and implement best practices.

3. Always be learning. Be intentional to develop your knowledge, skills and empower your team to assist you in making your workplace the best that it can be. 

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*Intro video for The Intentional Restorer created by the talented Edward H. Cross, aka The Restoration Lawyer, who was also a guest on Episode 3 of The DYOJO Podcast.