Actionable Insights is pleased to announce the latest technological advancement for restoration contractors. Two of the industry’s leaders in innovation, Matterport and Xcelerate, have joined forces to give contractors more control over their job management and increase their efficiency and profitability.  Together, these revolutionary technologies are changing the way work gets done across the industry.

The power of Matterport 3D technology is well-known throughout the restoration industry for giving contractors more visibility and transparency, while making their work more productive.  Xcelerate’s job management software is equally innovative, providing contractors with the software advancements that the industry has needed for many years.  The combination of these innovative technologies is a significant benefit for the entire industry.

“The Property Insurance vertical is adopting Matterport with unprecedented velocity. As a result, job management software solutions have been scrambling in an attempt to integrate Matterport. Hats off to Xcelerate for being first to formally integrate this disruptive 3D technology.” said Whatley, Actionable Insight’s President.

Xcelerate is the first and only job management software in the industry to offer the powerful visibility of Matterport technology to its users.  It is apparent that this integration benefits the overall health of the restoration ecosystem and allows contractors the ability provide a better product for their customers while increasing their own efficiency and profitability.