Are you tired of the pain, cost and setbacks from constantly hiring, training and replacing employees?

Property restoration is a service-based industry that requires varying levels of people power to provide the service levels that we aspire to. We are people helping people when the worst happens to their home or business. Many organizations are struggling to attract, develop and retain good people. So many managers that we talk to are asking themselves and their circle of peers what can be done to gain traction on these issues.

Are you attracting the right people?

If you fish, you know the value of having the right bait. The more you know about who you are fishing for, where you will be fishing and what the condition are, the more successful you will be. Fishing teaches you that you must be patient. Do some research, ask local fishermen, adjust to the conditions and trust the process.  

Have you, your team and the organization answered:

  • Who you are looking for?
  • Where to better find your targets?
  • What the cultural conditions are?
  • Who can help you develop your skills?

Have you aligned your hiring practices with your values?

Are you frustrated by high turnover? You feel the burden of having to continually recruit and train new employees. Beyond that pain there are hard costs for your organization as well as the demoralizing toll of strolling through the graveyard of co-workers past. There are so many skills our team members need to master in property restoration that the time we invest is invaluable. Stop sending money out the door. This cycle of loss starts with lack of clarity on vision and values as well as the lack of application to the hiring process. Too often organizations recruit people that have skills but are not good value or cultural fits.

Are you tired of the revolving door of employee turnover? Are you willing to adjust your hiring process to stop chasing unicorns and start hiring according to your vision and values?

Recruit from you vision and build your core from the start

Property restoration and other service heavy industries feel the pain of finding new talent. Previously we have written about the Three Character Keys for Acquiring Value Adding Talent. In an age where unemployment levels are at record lows, those that want to compete for talent have to get creative. This creativity comes in searching where those of the status quo are unwilling to go. Finding new fishing holes and experimenting with different types of bait will enable you to keep bringing quality team members into the boat. 

While you cannot control everything your team members do once they are in the organization, you can control who you allow on the team. Start respecting the process.

Develop your organization by building a team

Whether you have a good team or you are committed to building one, who you let in the door is a critical decision. A bad hire costs more than a good one and the ripple effects can set your momentum back for an extended period of time. Conversely, as Gino Wickman points out in his book Traction, "If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time." Does this inspire you? Isn't that what good leaders want - a team with members who are rowing together and dominating? That process starts with an organization clear on their vision and values. 

Build trust by creating clarity around truth in your organization, consistently protecting those values and developing accountability within the team from the top down and the bottom up.

Are you willing to adapt your approach?

In his latest article covering change management, author and coach Lex Sisney shares the Stop-Start-Ideal methodology of communication. While he shares this as a means to better communicate with team members who need to adjust their actions, it also serves as a metric for adjusting our own thinking. If you find yourself doing things that are not getting the result that you want, it's time to stop doing the things that are setting you back. Get some clarity on your ideals. Start acting in alignment with your vision and values. Learn to fish with bait that attracts the type of fish you want in the boat. 

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