The release is especially timely as mid-Missouri is still recovering from the F3 Tornado and the record flooding that Mid Missouri has suffered from recently, not to mention the untold damages cause by the latest rounds of hurricanes that impacted the coastal states.

This book was not written to serve as, nor should it be construed as a “Standard guide to disaster restoration”. The essence of the book is simply to assist property owners who have experienced calamities and are at a loss for what to do next, said Turner.

However, within the pages the nefarious tactics of some insurers as well as dysfunctional disaster restoration operators in-competencies that cause property owners undo stress are definitely brought to lite.

Whether a property damage is covered by insurance or not, there are still important issues that the property owner must be aware of before, during and after the restorative process has been completed.

According to Turner, nearly all property damage claims that end in a disastrous claim settlement could have been avoided had property owners known how the Claims Game is played.

Turner is the founder of Disaster Brigade, USA. The Veteran owned and operated business serves 14 mid Missouri counties, providing water damage restoration, mold removal and fire damage clean up and rebuild. The firm has mobilized to regional loses from Boston Massachusetts to major flood work in St. Louis Missouri. He has also been retained as an expert witness in multiple cases of litigation relating to construction defects, Insurance Disputes and Disaster Restoration work.

The book is being distributed through lumber yards, affiliate partners, Insurance Agents, Home Shows and many social media platforms to provide social proof in scaling the business. If interested in having the same book with your own customized stories contact Ivan Directly at 573-291-0234 or by email

Ivan has also authored books on marketing to agents and adjusters and marketing to plumbers through his company