Join the inaugural class for RIA's new Contents Loss Specialist (CLS) Advanced Certification Program, one of the four pillars of the enhanced Certified Restorer (CR) program, by attending the CLS Prep Course and Exam December 11-13 course in Nashville, TN. 

Course Details 
The course assists Contents Restoration Specialists across the country and internationally. A training program that is not only top of the line as far as content, but also brings a systematic approach to the way contents are dealt with in general.

Register today to participate in the CLS Prep Course and Exam offered this December in Nashville, TN.

Questions regarding CLS? Visit our website or contact  

Please note: Attendees of the December course have been granted an extension in completing the CLS pre-requisite requirements until December 2019. However, CLS marks cannot be used until all pre-requisites are completed. The full pre-requisite requirements and submission process is available here. For more information, contact