The Fresh Start Company expanded its reach with the opening of three locations across the country. 911 Restoration’s newest additions to their family include branches in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Southeastern Michigan.

The company’s recent growth perpetuate 911 Restoration’s on-going mission to uplift communities by spreading the fresh start attitude. The company considers their employees to be difference makers that provide people with the highest customer experience possible in order to build a better future.

By making this expansion, 911 Restoration can provide even more home and business owners with high-quality, property restoration services, leaving their customers with a safe, clean environment that they can thrive in.

The idea of a fresh start is what this company is built on and they believe that everyone is entitled to their own. Every person has the ability to contribute to this change in their own way, and these difference makers do their part through property restoration.

The technicians at the Las Vegas, Phoenix and Downriver (Michigan) branches are all trained to restore both residential and commercial properties back to their former glory, giving their customers the foundation to rebuild their dreams upon.

All of 911 Restoration’s franchises are equipped to handle any situation thrown their way, from water damage restoration to disaster cleanup. They understand that when they meet their customers for the first time they are usually in dire straits, but the company views these situations as a challenge they need to overcome to give someone a fresh start.

911 Restoration is excited to have the opportunity to impact even more communities throughout the country, and they are looking forward to seeing how these new locations spread the fresh start attitude in their own unique way.