With the opening of nine new branches throughout the country, the members of 911 Restoration can now bring their fresh start attitude to customers in Albany, NY; Palmdale, CA; Bakersfield, CA; Commerce, GA; Douglasville, GA; Little Rock, AR; Santa Clarita, CA; Saratoga Springs, NY; Schaumburg, IL.

These new locations represent how the Fresh Start Company is honoring their commitment to serve home and business owners by implementing the highest quality water damage restoration, mold removal, and disaster remediation services with their expert restoration skills and a positive mindset.

Since the opening of their first branch, 911 Restoration has always had the goal to show people all over the world how it is possible to turn property damage into a fresh start, and over the years the company has proven to do just that through franchise expansions.

Restoration 911

Wife and husband team Karla and Richard run the Schaumburg, IL branch and, like all of the 911 Restoration locations, are open around the clock to assist customers. Karla leads her employees with the concept that there are no negatives and with the right attitude, a positive outcome can arise from every situation.

Commerce, Georgia

Kevin and Becky Cook share Karla’s ideology and had their fresh start when they began running 911 Restoration of Commerce, GA. Since changing careers to roles in the restoration industry they both feel they now control their own destiny, a sense of security they hope to impart to all of their customers when they are hired to repair their properties.

Property owners living in Bakersfield, CA can also feel that same security knowing that Eli and his experienced team at their local 911 Restoration branch guarantees to arrive within 45 minutes of being notified of a water emergency, limiting both the time and money spent on making a full recovery from any water disaster. With decades of experience, and a positive outlook in every situation, Eli Cabral is ready to provide a fresh start to his community.

David Henry

Helping people has always been a passion for David Henry, owner of the Douglasville, GA branch. He spent a decade working in the service industry before joining 911 Restoration and, to this day, the best part of his job is helping people who are in need, whether it be by fixing a roof leak or answering a question about mold.

Robert Bolen

Robert Bolen has a passion for helping his community. He owns both 911 Restoration of Saratoga Springs and 911 Restoration of Albany, NY, making him an integral part of the restoration team for those living in upstate New York. He understands the vulnerability that a customer feels when they call his office in the midst of a major storm and he vows to take every measure necessary to help that property owner when they need same day water damage restoration services.

Antelope Valley

Mike and Arman Hovhannisyan are well respected in the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley regions of Los Angeles. They are active in their community, neighborly, and always find ways to better those around them. That is what brought them to 911 Restoration. When they heard realized the benefits that a local restoration company supported by a compassionate brand could bring to North Eastern Los Angeles County, they were quick to open their branches: 911 Restoration of Santa Clarita and 911 Restoration of Antelope Valley.

Little Rock

Chad Haynes is excited to bring a fresh start to Little Rock, AK and all of Central Arkansas. He has a deep history of remodeling and new construction projects. Wanting to find something that takes those industries a step further and provides peace of mind to those affected by tragedy, Chad opened 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas. It stands a bastion of hope when disasters roll through the area, offering a chance at recovery and a fresh start.  

911 Restoration wants the property owners in these new cities, and throughout the United States, to know that it is possible to find positivity in every situation, whether dealing with floods, leaks, sewage, mold, or fire disasters.

Despite the chaotic nature of these issues, the technicians at 911 Restoration will always find a way to calm the storm and show their customers how a flooded property can be transformed into their dream home just by adopting the fresh start attitude.

The fresh start attitude doesn’t just pertain to property renovations. As the branch owners of all of these locations have demonstrated, it is about looking at everything in your life in a positive light and spreading that positivity to everyone you meet.

Every employee at 911 Restoration considers themselves to be difference makers and vows to positively change the lives of their customers by conducting exceptional restoration work and spreading the fresh start attitude, one city at a time.