ICP Construction, a division of Innovative Chemical Products (the ICP Group), recently announced the launch of their Design Services Team. The Design Services Team is a new resource for industry professionals that offers support throughout the construction process in a variety of ways. From identifying pre-construction challenges to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to providing regulatory support and product training, ICP will be able to enhance the customer service experience in ways that are unique to the industry.

ICP Construction, a global leader in paints, coatings, sports surfaces, and environmental remediation solutions, will offer the Design Services Team’s expertise to both new and existing customers.

“The purpose of the Design Services Team is to help reduce the stress builders face when starting a project from scratch,” said Zain Mahmood, President of ICP Construction. “In addition to product recommendations and identifying efficiencies, we can help with regulatory concerns, locate qualified applicators, offer guidance as subject matter experts, provide exclusive product training through ICP University, and more.”

Cole Stanton will serve as the Director of the Design Services Team. Cole’s previous role was Vice President of the Environmental Products Group for ICP Construction. “When a large historic government-owned building in Los Angeles needed asbestos removal, they approached ICP for advice. After evaluating the project, our team suggested a different solution––encapsulation,” said Stanton. “By encapsulating the asbestos with ICP products, we saved them over $4 million and shortened their timeline by five years. Now that we have a dedicated Design Services Team, our clients see a more formal realization of the added value we bring to every project. We are not just product suppliers. We are strategic partners.”

To learn more about the Design Services Team or ICP Construction, visit www.icp-construction.com/DST or call 978.965.2122.