Legend Brands is showcasing the game-changing new HVE Large Loss extractor system at this week’s The Experience show in Las Vegas. Even more important, the HVE-LL is on the ground in Houston, Tex., ready for flood recovery after damages from Hurricane Harvey.

Purpose-engineered for large-scale flood losses, the HVE-LL is a completely self-powered turnkey extraction system for forklifting into a pickup, box van, trailer, container or pod for fast transport to the jobsite. Once on site, the unit can be ready to run in 30 minutes or less.

"This unit brings true transport convenience and ease of use to large loss extraction," said Dennis Bruders, V.P. of Marketing for Legend Brands. "Operators get huge extraction capacity without permanently tying up a vehicle."

The HVE-LL Large Loss is completely self-contained with the same tried-and-tested commercial-grade components used in Legend Brands truckmounts. In addition, the unit is equipped with everything else needed – reels for vacuum and pumpout hose storage, an extraction wand, a locking tool storage box, a prefilter with a stainless steel screen, and a 12-gallon fuel tank. An included 12-foot fuel line extension kit allows for use of an off-platform fuel tank when necessary.

Front panel controls are simple and intuitive and the unit is easy to maintain. With no high-pressure water pump system, no pump winterizing is required, and an outward-facing impeller-style pump simplifies pump servicing. Both sides of the engine are easily accessible for oil and air filter changes, and a battery shut-off helps to preserve battery charge between uses.

The HVE-LL can be stored and shipped in a container or pod and is designed to fit inside a standard 8-foot pickup bed. The powder-coated steel platform features adjustable-height legs for flexible application – even on uneven ground.

Bruders notes that HVE-LL units can be delivered and put to work "virtually anywhere a cargo pod can be set down," making them ideal for flood pumping in areas where roads are impassable, as was often the case in the recent flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

For more information about the HVE-LL Large Loss Extractor, visit HVE-LL.DriEaz.com.