Last year, Large Loss Mastery (LLM) took restoration industry professionals through a hands-on case study at the Field Museum in Chicago, Ill. In 2019, training blasts off to Kennedy Space Center! 

The goal of LLM is to provide the highest quality commercial large loss training service in North America. The LLM Team has over 70 years of experience with unique damage recovery projects. LLM provides expert training services for commercial property damage events caused by fires, floods, and natural disasters.

The 2019 LLM-E course is an on-site, hands-on training exercise located in Cape Canaveral Florida at the Radisson Resort. The course covers all aspects including:

  • Audit triggers (LIVE) forum with consultants
  • Effective damage assessment
  • T&M scoping, estimating
  • Project plan creation
  • Project documentation
  • Advanced drying and sizing
  • Job cost management/reporting
  • Critical path management
  • Customer and 3rd party communications
  • Vital document recovery

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