Large Loss Mastery has just unveiled the latest innovation in estimating project budget and reserve costs. With little training, users will have the capability to estimate project costs for any sized project anywhere, anytime. THE EDGE will be available to the public on March 1, 2020. 

“We are thrilled to bring our innovative estimating tool THE EDGE to the restoration industry” said Thomas McGUIRE, The SOLUTIONS Company – Large Loss Mastery, Founder/Owner. “As industry professionals we are constantly looking for new tools to help us compete and do our jobs more effectively and THE EDGE does not disappoint. All of our selected “test users” can’t believe how easy it is to operate and how quickly they receive accurate results”

THE EDGE utilizes job cost information and project data obtained through 35 years of industry experience combined with industry “Best Practices” creating “the secret sauce” that provides users with amazingly accurate results in minutes. Tests, including current and past projects have shown that THE EDGE is within1% of actual cost with an average estimating time frame of 5 - 30 minutes for any size project.

The SOLUTIONS Company, LLC– Large Loss Mastery is a large loss consulting and training company specializing in unique, industry leading methods based on experience and industry “Best Practices” currently offering; Large Loss Mastery – ELITE, Large Loss Mastery – One, hands-on estimating, scoping and contracting training courses with a brand new LLM NEXT project management course arriving later this year (June 2020). 

“Unifying a very divided restoration industry by providing effective training courses and technology is our goal, we want everyone to have the tools they need to succeed.” McGUIRE said, “it is the reason why we are in business and bringing THE EDGE to market is just one of many innovations to come.”