911 Restoration Franchise celebrated their annual tradition of recognizing their top performing franchisees of 2016, both in financial and community achievements, with a record-breaking year at The Vineyards in Simi Valley, CA this past April.

This year, more than 36% of their total branches surpassed over half a million in sales. More than half of this group generated between $1 million and $5 million in sales.

“Our goal is to see franchisees succeed,” said CEO of 911 Restoration, Idan Shpizear. “Through our innovative approach to marketing, we have grown one-man operations into major regional restoration companies.”

Another contributing factor to their success is the all-in-one business performance management system, Gazingle, a CRM created by Shpizear. This allows for finance monitoring, client communication, and customization.

In addition to 911 Restoration’s top-performing financial year, 2016 also marks their most memorable year for community achievements with 911 Restoration of Central New York, 911 Restoration of Charlotte, 911 Restoration of Imperial County, 911 Restoration of Vancouver, and 911 Restoration of Virginia Beach taking home the award for Community Heroes. Each of the branches spoke about their organizations that they help support and ended with a note to encourage others to give back to their own communities.

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