The second instalment of the industry start-up - Property Insurance & Restoration Conference (PIRC) - will hold its upcoming meeting in Boston, Mass., at the Hilton Boston Back Bay on March 29-30. It begins with an evening reception and followed by the next day meeting. Though the two events are not connected, PIRC will begin just after the close of the PLRB Claims Conference.

The PIRC, unlike any other conference held in the restoration industry, is formatted to be interactive and discussion-based. Where most other conference attendees participate in learning-type environments, this format is meant to have topic-led discussions between all industry segments that lead to issue identification, transparency, and possible solutions where applicable.

Who doesn’t want to talk about buzzing trend topics like Drones, Lemonade Insurance, a recent JD Power study, possible Legislation or EPA changes, Relationship Processes between Restorers-Insurers-TPAs, and How the Consumer Sees the Restoration Industry? The PIRC Agenda Committee put forth the topic line-up which frames the considerations all attendees will get to provide feedback on, and be a part of what the Conference intends to push forward in the future meetings, committee focuses or even work products such as “Best Practices”.


The mission of “a forum where property insurance and restoration industry stakeholders come together for discussions, enhance understanding, heightening transparency, find common ground and communicate possible solutions and/or best practices to improve their industry” leads the way for a continual effort of getting industry issues the attention deserved in this important forum.

Registration is open online at Room reservations can be made for this meeting through the Hilton Boston Back Bay online or phone 617-236-1100. For those planning to attend the PLRB Claims Conference also in Boston, Mass., beginning on March 26, registration and room reservation information is on their website.