Meyer Machine & Equipment is celebrating its 25th Anniversary on April 2. The company formed on April 2, 1992 by best friends Jim Meyer and Jan 'Merk' Mrkonich, in Antioch, Ill. Currently managed by first and second generations, Jim and Jimmy Meyer, the company has grown from a single product manufacturing firm serving the air duct cleaning market, to include a full product line of seven power vacuums, equipment, supplies, and professional training for the niche industries of air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and insulation services.  
In celebration of the 25th Year Silver benchmark, Meyer Machine & Equipment will be displaying a 'Silver' General at industry events throughout the year.  The 25th Anniversary Silver Edition General shows a great deal of improvement over the years including precision cut and formed sub-assemblies, no-flat tires, digital hourmeter/tachometer, flexible oil drain, resilient powdercoat finish, optional integral OSHA/EPA/CARB fuel tank, commercial 3-year engine warranty, and countless other improvements made over the years. The General is regarded as the leading product in the Gas Portable HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Vacuum/Collector segment. 
"The vacuums that we're producing today pack in loads of value that didn't even exist 25 years ago. The Kohler engine is, hands-down, the best power plant for this application: providing years, sometimes decades of useful life. Our fabricating processes have improved; the General looks more 'SEXY' and professional, and advances in production technology allow us to produce and sell the vacuum for almost 20 percent less than the original price of $5,500.  Additionally, our product selection has increased by more than 250 items in the last decade.  We're able to provide more value to our customers that are going into homes and business places providing cleaning and property improvement services." - Jimmy Meyer ASCS/VSMR, Vice President of Meyer Machine & Equipment
Meyer Machine & Equipment reaches its customer base through a diverse cross section of the Construction, Restoration, HVAC, IAQ and other markets.  The selection of 'shown' goods at industry events may not include the Silver Edition General, but you can count on the fact that Meyer Machine & Equipment has included all technological advancements in every item produced over the last 25 years.  
"Thank you to all our customers, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your success!" - Meyer Machine & Equipment Staff

"Hey, Meyer Machine… I wanted to say congrats on your 25 Years of Success! I’ve purchased many Generals and other equipment over the years, and I know countless other contractors that use your machines as well. But it’s not just the quality of the products you produce… Your customer service, innovative smarts, honesty and integrity to the industry all play to your strength over the past 25 Years. What a cool milestone! I came into this industry way back in 1992 short on experience but tall on desire to learn and grow. In conversations with other contractors, Meyer Machine was (and is), regarded as the “go-to” equipment and supplies vendor. Merk and Jim were some of the guys I hooked up with back then, and over the years I’ve dealt with pretty much everyone at Meyer Machine and continue to have super support from you. Thanks !!"  -  Brad Kuhlman ASCS/VSMR, President of Midwest Duct Cleaning, Past President of NADCA (2008 & 2009)