Successful Meetings in Atlanta

On April 9, the IICRC’s Certification Council meeting welcomed more than 60 school administrators, instructors and allied affiliates to the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta. In addition to reports by IICRC Committee Chairs and leadership, the Certification Council was addressed by Lew Migliore, president of LGM and Associates, on the current state of carpet manufacturing for carpet inspectors and cleaners.

John North, president of Moisture Mapper International Inc., presented current information on the insurance industry and its impact on fire and water damage restoration and mitigation schools and instructors. The well-attended and well-received Certification Council meeting highlighted the effort by Chairman Pete Duncanson, and the IICRC Board of Directors to confirm their commitment to open communication and transparency with all industry constituents. 

Following the Certification Council meeting, the IICRC’s Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection held its first IICRC Technical Conference. The conference and symposium, jointly sponsored by the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), gathered industry experts and panel speakers to discuss restoration and remediation, and allow attendees to observe firsthand the inner workings of the industry’s certification and standards-writing organization.

Also held at the hotel, the IICRC Board of Directors meeting welcomed several new instructors and shared exciting announcements. Doug Heiferman was appointed to take Peter Crosa’s vacated board position. Jessika James will fill Doug Heiferman’s honorary board position.

Volunteers for Consensus Bodies

The IICRC standards team is now accepting applications for volunteers to serve on consensus bodies for the following Standards and Reference Guides:

  • ANSI/IICRC S100: Standard and IICRC R100 Reference Guide for Professional Cleaning of Textile Floor Coverings.
  • New Standard - BSR-IICRC S400: Standard for Professional Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration of the Built Environment.
  • ANSI/IICRC S500: Standard and IICRC R500 Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration.
  • ANSI/IICRC S520: Standard and R520 Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation
  • New Standard - BSR-IICRC S550: Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration of Commercial Structures.
  • ANSI/IICRC S800: Standard and R800 Reference Guide for Professional Inspection of Textile Floor Coverings.

All new and revised standards will be developed in accordance with the ANSI Essential Requirements as American National Standards. Those interested in submitting an application to participate on the consensus bodies should visit the Standards website at and send completed forms to Mili Washington, IICRC standards director, at Separate completed application forms are required for each consensus body.

To access standards, reference guides, technical papers and multimedia publications online, visit the IICRC’s standards subscription website at