ProRestore's new ElectroGen 2000C represents a significant step forward in convenience and efficiency for portable fogging devices. Designed specifically for odor control, the new ElectroGen 2000C produces the extremely fine fog droplets needed for complete deodorization of smoke-damaged environments, trauma scenes, automobile interiors, and other situations with challenging malodors. 
At only 11 lbs., ProRestore's new ElectroGen 2000C is significantly smaller and lighter than previous models. When working in smaller spaces such as crawlspaces, attics, automobiles or other cramped areas, the ElectroGen 2000C is much more convenient to maneuver and operate.
The 2000C uses a powerful 900 watt heater to produce up to 5000 cu. ft. of deodorizing fog per minute. This will make quick work of deodorizing larger spaces 
The 2000C does not require priming. Operators just refill the built-in container with water-based Unsmoke™ Thermo-2000 and switch it on to resume. Unsmoke's Thermo-2000 product line includes a variety of scents to tackle even the most complex odor control situations.
"This unit will make a great addition to the restorer's tool kit," said Bill Weigand, Director of Restoration Chemicals. "The ease of operation and excellent fogging performance will make it much easier to knock down orders quickly and effectively."
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