Legend Brands has just released version 4.0 of Dri-Plan, its popular mobile job documentation system. Dri-Plan offers a simple, flexible, and secure field documentation tool for water damage restoration professionals. The mobile app, and website it syncs with, are designed by restoration experts to enhance adjuster and third party contractor communication, speed data entry and provide tools for instant review of project status and results.

“Dri-Plan streamlines water damage mitigation documentation,” said Brandon Burton, technical director at Legend Brands. “Technicians can use the data they collect to build dynamic and detailed documentation.” Job site photographs can be pinned right to the reports, and technicians can add an unlimited number of notes to ensure complete job record keeping.

Release 4.0 includes a substantially more robust data synchronization system to ensure user data is securely backed up and available for report generation. A variety of user interface updates are designed to take full advantage of the Apple iOS 8.0 update, and makes it available for the Apple iPad and iPhone. Specifics include time -saving features like a button to instantly adjust all wall measurements in the room, increased tap area for icons throughout, and a new edit feature for renaming and removing rooms, zones and floors from the map.

The Dri-Plan website has also been revamped, with an improved user interface and a new, easier-to-use report layouts. The team has also added an all-new

“Atmospheric” report, which can be used to present humidity, temperature and other psychrometric data for a project.

With the 4.0 release, the Dri-Plan team has laid the groundwork to introduce a variety of additional improvements later this year. “Version 4.0 is a foundational update,” notes Burton. “We are already working on further improvements to workflow, interface design and website improvements.” 

The Dri Plan service costs much less than other job monitoring applications. Creating an account incurs a one-time setup fee of $200 per office location, and just $25 per month for each user. Learn more about Dri-Plan here.