Opgal's new Therm-App TH device is now available! According to the company, it allows restoration professionals to take accurate temperature measurements captured on high resolution thermographic photos and videos and immediately transmit them via email, messaging or file sharing platforms. The device offers a suite of thermography features including full radiometric capability, multiple color palettes, video and sound recording, as well as efficient reporting and data analysis. In addition, like all other Therm-App models, Therm-App TH enables users to benefits from important Android smartphone features including touchscreen capabilities, round-the-clock connectivity, ongoing application updates, and more.

"Therm-App TH offers unparalleled value," said Amit Mattatia, Opgal President & CEO. “With its 384 x 288 resolution and a 6.8 wide angle lens, and all its Android device and application features, Therm-App™  TH provides professionals with a mobile tool unlike anything they currently work with — and at significantly lower prices when compared to traditional tools with comparable image quality.”

Therm-App TH is ideal for thermography, enabling temperature measurements of electrical installations, buildings, HVAC, insulation, plumbing and veterinary, and many other applications. Its affordable pricing makes it available to a wide range of professionals requiring reliable thermographic data for a broad range of applications.

Opgal is also announcing another member of the Therm-App family: Therm-App Hz, a high-end solution for security, safety and other night / outdoor applications. Through its higher 25 Hz frame rate, Therm-App Hz delivers smooth thermal images, especially when the user or the targets observed are on the move, using a variety of interchangeable lenses ranging from 6.8mm to 35mm.

Both Therm-App TH and Therm-App Hz are now available from Opgal’s distributors worldwide. For more information, visit www.Therm-App.com.

View the introductory video, showcasing Therm-App™ TH for thermography here.