Teledyne FLIR has introduced the FLIR Bridge for condition monitoring applications, designed to make it easy for organizations to route asset health data into preferred data management systems for improving productivity and reducing costs. This industrial internet of things (IIoT) edge gateway for industrial businesses empowers non-programmers to easily aggregate and integrate temperature and other crucial sensor data from fixed sensors, visible cameras, and thermal cameras into a multitude of asset health software, while also providing the ability to perform analysis and control at the edge.

Industrial organizations are increasingly leveraging IIoT sensors and devices to better track every aspect of the production process, especially for condition monitoring of infrastructure and equipment critical to operations, requiring new tools such as FLIR Bridge to manage it all.

FLIR Bridge is compatible with Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA) and Pi Historian, among other leading monitoring platforms, enabling businesses to gain greater insight and situational awareness into a wide range of key assets. That insight enables organizations to implement effective predictive maintenance programs, including helping track and diagnose emerging or potential issues to keep operations running. FLIR Bridge, used as part of a comprehensive condition monitoring program, can also help reduce maintenance costs while improving productivity, reliability, and safety.

Pro and Standard Editions

The FLIR Bridge is available in two options:

FLIR Bridge Pro – Provides support for an unlimited number of FLIR cameras and sensors along with most third-party sensors. The device includes the ability to apply filters to the incoming data, including custom alarm and alert settings, such as those based on standard deviations or Fourier Transforms.

FLIR Bridge Standard – Offers connection to up to five FLIR devices or third-party fixed sensors along with the same data filtering capabilities as Bridge Pro.  

The Pro and Standard Edition FLIR Bridge devices are designed for 24/7 operation, including flexible data routing of raw data or processed data, either on-premises or in the cloud to optimize decision support. Organizations can also use FLIR Bridge to scale up and out a single IIoT fabric for the entire enterprise across multiple sites. In the event of poor or intermittent connectivity, FLIR Bridge includes built-in buffer capabilities to prevent valuable data loss.

Both editions of the FLIR Bridge are available for purchase today worldwide on and through preferred channel partners. Please visit for more, including local pricing and availability.