The Dri-Eaz DriTec desiccant provides a solution for restorers struggling to dry buildings in less-than-ideal conditions. It works by producing very dry air in cold environments, outperforming LGRs and traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers.

The extremely dry air produced by the DriTec makes it especially valuable for drying dense materials like hardwoods, plaster and concrete. The unit can also help maintain drying rates on the second half of restorative drying jobs, when traditional LGR dehumidifiers typically pull less water as the humidity decreases.

The DriTec is highly compact, making it easy to include on the truck – it’s one-third smaller than other portable desiccants and it can fit in the same space as an LGR dehumidifier. It also features dual thermostat control, which allows users to set both a maximum and minimum humidity setpoint. The unit’s intelligent controls use internal sensors to monitor system operations and optimize performance in all conditions. The control also displays real-time temperature and relative humidity information, and – an industry first – it displays an average 24-hour water removal rate.

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