Dri-Eaz recently unveiled their new airmover, the Stealth AV3000. With adjustable high volume airflow and a unique noise-reduction fan blade design, the new Stealth AV3000 axial fan delivers powerful ventilation and drying for carpets, walls and structural materials.

"Many imported units don’t last or can create safety risks. The Stealth brings proven Dri-Eaz engineering and build quality to an extremely versatile axial,” said Jim Hassi, legend brands director of strategic accounts.

Users can direct air anywhere with the unit’s integrated powder-coated steel stand and easy-adjust angle with 320 degrees of rotation. Light and easy to carry, the Stealth stacks securely for transport on a standard handtruck.

The Stealth’s special fan blades with tooth-like structures enhance airflow while reducing the noise level significantly, especially at higher frequencies. Its variable speed control adjusts fan speed for high-intensity airflow or low-noise operation in occupied spaces.

The Stealth's 2.7 amp draw and convenience outlet allow operators to daisy-chain up to four units on a single 15-amp circuit. With 2600 CFM tested output per unit, users can achieve up to 7800 CFM on a single 15-amp circuit.

"This gives operators the air movement they need to work efficiently – whether that's ventilating a large area or drying carpet or structural materials," said Hassi.

The Stealth can be disassembled for cleaning by removing four screws and lifting off the housing for complete access to the motor and fan assembly for vacuuming or a quick wipe-down. The unit stacks securely up to five high to save space in vehicles and storage areas.

The Stealth AV3000 (F568) is manufactured in Burlington, Wash. and retails for $445 at Legend Brands distributors.

For more information, visit https://www.drieaz.com/