iCAT Solutions Inc. will soon open the University of Modern Contents, an online university to help contractors expand their contents operations with a focus on the customer experience, according to a press release.

The university will offer comprehensive instruction on issues pertaining to managed quality control, volume processing and operating within a technological infrastructure, as well as best operational and business practices.

“Until now, there has been a lack of cohesive contents education that focus on the business and operations of contents restoration,” says Riaz Walji, managing director of iCAT Solutions. “The majority of existing training and certifications have been built around single cleaning technologies, which can hinder the growth and sustainability of a contents division. We found that as contractors begin introducing technology into their contents division, they often reanalyzed their current processes and operations and found that they needed help.”

The University of Modern Contents provides basic through advanced training on a range of subjects, including volume processing, quality control and customer service. It also incorporates traditional testing to ensure comprehension and retention of core concepts. The university is based on the concept of Modern Contents, which leverages technology to improve customer service, quality control layers, volume processing and more.

For more information, visit icatsoftware.com or moderncontents.com.