HydraMaster is pleased to announce HydraMaster University, a FREE online training resource and center for the cleaning and restoration professional. This training portal is located within HydraMaster’s website at https://hydramaster.com/university/

This comprehensive database compiles together in one easy to access place a large portion of HydraMaster’s articles, technical tips, training videos, blog, and more. HydraMaster University will be an ever-expanding database of knowledge. It is divided into four main sections: 1) Selecting the Right Product; 2) On-the-Job Procedures; 3) Technical Service and Support; and 4) Business Marketing and Management. The library contains over 160 sources of information and expands each month.

HydraMaster University is designed to be used as an easily accessible electronic database you can access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, even if you are inside of a customer’s home or business and have a question,  or just want to make sure you are doing it the right way. It is designed to augment, support, and reinforce; not replace, traditional IICRC classroom or hands on training available from your local HydraMaster Distributor. (To find your local HydraMaster distributor, visit https://hydramaster.com/dealer-locator/.)

You can always see what is new simply by logging in and seeing the new featured article section. For example, the latest addition to our learning library is a comprehensive up to date discussion of the different types of carpet fibers and their cleaning related characteristics.

Other readily available learning resources from HydraMaster include our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cleansolutions), our downloadable smartphone apps for cleaning procedures and equipment troubleshooting (https://apps.appmachine.com/hydramastersupportapp, http://apps.appmachine.com/cleanmaster) and our online interactive cleaning procedures guide (https://hydramaster.com/cleaning-guides/)

For more information on HydraMaster, contact your local HydraMaster Distributor, visit our web sites at www.hydramaster.com or call us at 1-800-426-1301.