The 2014 International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo powered by RIA, will take place April 9-11 at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, FL. Here is a brief overview of some of the education sessions that will be offered:

  • “How to Have Difficult Conversations with Positive Results” featuring Holly Bogner, Ph.D., Violand Management: Dr. Bognar will teach employers how to stay calm and have positive outcomes from even the most difficult workplace conversations by managing their emotions, sticking to the facts, soliciting input, clarifying what was discussed and focusing on one issue at a time.
  • “Overhead and Profit: Officially Fair Game for General Contractors” from Harvey Cohen, Esq., Cohen Battisti: The recent Florida Supreme Court decision in Trinidad v. Florida Peninsula Insurance Co. found that general contractors are entitled to charge overhead and profit under a replacement cost homeowner’s policy. Cohen will explain how the decision impacts restoration contractors.  
  • “Weaponize your Culture!” by Joel Greenwald, Esq., Greenwald Doherty LLP: Employees who do not share an organization’s vital core values can drain morale and be toxic to the company environment. A company culture can be used as a legal tool to both discipline and terminate employees, but it should be ingrained in all policies and practices.
  • “Health Risks Unique to Restoration Contractors: Awareness Towards Prevention” by Ken Balbi, M.D., FICPS, CMC, CMRS, CEICC, CETC, CSDS: Restoration company owners need to be aware of the medical risks and challenges that come from exposure to water damage, mold, sewage, fires, soot and bio-hazard cleanups. In this compelling session, Dr. Balbi will explain the health consequences of industry-specific work activities, how all small exposures can build to a serious risk, how to mitigate the adverse effects, and how to create a culture of “good health awareness” in a company.
  • “The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership” by Mark Springer, CR, Dayspring Restoration: This breakout session will help business owners and upper management develop leadership practices and values, identify their personal “bests” and “worsts” and learn the difference between vision and mission statements.
  • “Expert Witness: It Not About Truth – It’s About Your Skill of Persuasion” from Ralph Moon, Ph.D., CHMM, CIAQP, HAS Engineers & Scientists: The questions asked during a deposition are intended to reveal how a witness would respond in a jury trial and an effective attorney will attempt to confuse and mislead a witness. This session will help individuals who serve as expert witnesses recognize questions that should be clarified or are difficult to defend, have greater confidence during a deposition, and recognize an attorney’s efforts to create confusion.
  • “Mentoring Key Project Managers for Executive Management” by Dr. Randy Rapp, Purdue University: Effective owners should constantly be grooming and mentoring their key players for more responsibility and promotion. Dr. Rapp will present relevant executive management, peer-reviewed research that delves into the kinds of knowledge industry executives believe is critical for success as company leaders. 

 The event will also offer networking receptions and events, recognize the achievements of industry leaders and provide an exhibition featuring over 150 exhibitors of key products and services for the insurance restoration industry. For more details on the 2014 International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo, visit