The 66th Annual RIA Convention and Exhibition will be sporting a facelift in Colorado Springs, Colo., in March, with expanded educational sessions addressing critical issues and four moderated, “Hot Topic” high-powered networking discussions.

RIA returns to The Broadmoor March 7–11 and opens with a keynote presentation by Evan Marcus on The Wisdom of We, a look at the stresses facing today’s workers given the current economic uncertainties. His presentation illustrates the importance of working in a state of “we,” where people are more effective, innovative, resilient and better capable of handling stress.

Marcus teaches new approaches to fundamental business challenges by working hand-in-hand with leaders, helping them to clarify strategy, build powerful teams and overcome the barriers to their success.

In a second keynote, Ted Garrison will examine the trends in a restoration turnaround. He believes crisis creates opportunity, leaving companies that recognize and address these issues with the best options for a stronger future. His presentation will unravel the trends impacting the industry and offer restoration executives and managers the strategies to survive and thrive in today’s hypercompetitive business environment.

Garrison has 25 years of management experience and has worked extensively with general contractors and developers in senior executive positions on the development and construction of commercial facilities and buildings

Breakout sessions will provide the information and tools on:
  • Job costing analysis
  • Company vs. project overhead – Where is the burden carried and does it impact the company’s competitive advantage?
  • What is the “true” relationship between an estimate and job costing information?
  • What is ROI and its role when considering equipment purchases?
  • How frequently employers use job cost information to modify production for efficiency, stave off a job going south, and be more competitive

Phoenix Awards: The Winners Circle

An in-depth look at the award-winning projects which illustrate how the knowledge and experience of restoration professionals turn disaster into triumph. A panel of previous winners will identify the challenges involved in these projects, how they were addressed, the processes used, and how they parlayed their winning entries into effective marketing campaigns for their companies.

Trim the Fat: Organizing for Tomorrow's Business

This session focuses on lean operations and clarifies what it means as a business philosophy and practice including: dispatching arrangements, computer software, personnel training, and using subs vs. in-house talent. There will also be pre-convention workshops on commercial drying, mold remediation, and the challenges of restorers and insurers working together. Two post-convention workshops will look at company performance and profitability, and project management.

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