RR0712_IICRC_img1_F.jpgIn early 2014, the IICRC will be voyaging into uncharted waters with the release of its new peer-reviewed publication, The Journal. As the only technical journal serving the cleaning, restoration and inspection industries, the publication will provide in-depth technical articles in each of the disciplines represented by the Institute: hard-surface cleaning, soft-surface cleaning, disaster restoration and inspection.

“Technical journals are common in most professional fields,” said IICRC Chairman Darrel Paulson. “The cleaning, restoration and inspection industry is a very small niche market, and is currently unserved. No other industry organization is positioned as well as the Institute to meet this need.”

The Journalwill be published six times per year, commencing in early 2014 and will be distributed to Certified Firms, master cleaners, master restorers, inspectors, IICRC schools and instructors, and members of the newly formed trade association, IICRCA.

 For more information, visit iicrc.org.