The IICRC is revising the IICRC S520-2008 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation and the draft S520 Standard is under peer review and available now for public review and comment. IICRC S520 is a procedural standard and reference guide for the remediation of mold damaged structures and contents. It is based on reliable remediation and restoration principles, research and practical experience and attempts to combine essential academic principles with practical elements of water damage restoration for technicians facing “real-life” mold remediation challenges. 

The S520 is written for use by those involved in the mold remediation industry, and is the result of collaboration among microbiologists and other scientists, public health professionals, industrial hygienists, remediation contractors, restoration service companies, cleaning and restoration training schools, trade associations that service the professional restoration industry, allied trade-persons and others with related professional and practical experience.

The draft Standard is available until August 19, 2013 for review and comment as part of the ANSI 45-day public review period. In addition, the draft S520 Reference Guide is also available separately during the same time period for informal peer review and comment. To access the draft Standard and Reference Guide and Comment Forms, visit  

In government affairs, the IICRC’s Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) certification exam is now accepted for applicants seeking mold remediation licensure in the state of Florida. The MRS program is one of 22 certifications offered by the IICRC and recognizes professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a variety of duties, including: mold remediation for structures and contents, controlling pressure differentials, designing and implementing remediation processes and recognizing conditions conducive to mold growth.

Within the new requirements, candidates who pass the MRS examination will still need to meet the experience requirements listed in 468.8413, Florida Statutes in order to be licensed as mold remediators in Florida. This initiative will pave the way for IICRC certification in other states pursuing licensing requirements, such as Texas, Virginia and Kentucky.

KCI, the management company for the IICRC, will be moving to a new building in September. Beyond a new address, this will have no impact on the operations of the organization. Our new address will be: 4317 NE Thurston Way, Suite #200, Vancouver, WA 98662