The Property Industry Conference (PIC) was formed to create an open dialog between insurers, third party administrators, restoration contractors, vendors, franchises, software companies, manufacturers and other stakeholders involved in the insurance restoration industry. The goal of the organization is to facilitate open discussion between the groups and address the issues that create inefficiencies for all. 
Following the most recent meeting in Orlando, FL, in April 2012, Jeff Brinkman of Symbility was selected as the first chairman of the PIC. The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) has assumed ownership of the PIC and will handle the meeting management and coordination for the conference. RIA will collaborate with Brinkman to determine the topics, speakers and locations for future PIC meetings, and identify ways to expand the involvement of insurers and other stakeholders. The new PIC website is 
It is anticipated that the PIC will meet quarterly either in conjunction with major industry events or in centralized locations near cities offering easy access for attendees. RIA will seek input from all stakeholders concerning topics for discussion and speakers. The PIC is open to all participants and offers a “safe” forum to productively discuss a variety of industry issues and offer constructive solutions on how they can be addressed. 
The topics to date have included common ground issues from a restorer’s perspective, technology needed to support the insurer/restorer processes, the issues involved in running an all-volunteer organization and managing the various viewpoints, and lessons learned from the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) since the PIC is based on this model.
“RIA is honored to be selected as the meeting planner for the PIC,” said RIA President Sam Bergman, CR. “We actively support the purpose and focus of this organization, and believe that an open dialogue between all interested parties is critical to finding practical solutions to the many joint issues we face.”
PIC meetings are planned for October 1 in Chicago, IL and in April 2013 around the RIA Convention in Las Vegas.

RIA Expands Board of Directors

RIA has expanded its Board of Directors to include two new council chairmen and one new at-large director position. The association has also filled two at-large director vacancies. John Miko, chief operating officer of Alacrity Services, LLC, joins the board as the chairman of the newly formed Insurance Industry Council. Art Johnson, CR, WLS, of Canstar Restorations, was appointed to the board as the chairman of the new Canadian Council. Chuck Violand of Violand Management Associates will serve in the new at-large director position.
In addition, Bill Loveland of Xactware Solutions, Inc., will fill the at-large director position formerly held by Art Johnson. John Rybski, CR, of BELFOR will fill a second at-large position formerly held by Michael Popowski of PBI Restorations. 
“As an organization, we are working to make RIA valuable and relevant to our members and the industry,” said Tim Shaw, RIA’s executive director. “This board represents the major constituents within RIA and gives each of them a voice at the leadership level.”