Allentown City Hall employees learned last month that a stubborn fungus has returned, according to a story in The Morning Call.

When Mayor Ed Pawlowski took office in 2006, he spent $12,000 to renovate the executive suite, citing moldy carpet as one of the reasons for the makeover. To alleviate concerns about spending the financially struggling city's cash on a spruce-up, he chipped in $6,000 from his inaugural fund.

"I walked in here and I couldn't stop my nose from running for the past month," Pawlowski said at the time. "My main thrust was for health reasons, but also it looked dingy."

Maybe it wasn't just the carpet.

Managing Director Francis Dougherty said Wednesday that about a month ago, after city employees had been complaining of respiratory symptoms, he looked behind a piece of peeling wallpaper near one of the mayor's secretary's desks to find it covered in mold.

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