ROCKVILLE, MD – The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) announced today they are joining forces to facilitate the timely development of industry standards. Under an agreement approved last week by the boards of directors of both organizations, IESO has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of IAQA. Both organizations retain their non-profit 501(c)(6) status and independent boards.

IESO is an ANSI accredited Standards Development Organization. Since 2006, IESO has created several standards project committees, each actively pursuing the development of an American National Standard. At least two IESO draft standards are expected to be released for public comment in 2010. “We are optimistic these standards will be ANSI-approved by years’ end,” said Kristy M. Lee, IESO Secretariat. Lee, who has held the Secretariat office since IESO’s ANSI accreditation, will retain the position under the acquisition agreement.

IAQA is an association whose 4,000 members include an equal number of IAQ assessment consultants and IAQ remediation contractors. Benefits including publications, local chapters and the largest annual IAQ convention and exposition have given IAQ professionals a common ground to exchange information and research. “By expanding IAQA’s scope into the standards development arena, it creates remarkable opportunities for members – benefits ranging from standards themselves, to training opportunities, to recognition by the world of IAQA members’ ability to set parameters for maintaining healthy indoor environments,” said Andrew Äsk, IAQA President.

IAQA and IESO were careful to craft their new relationship such that it would cause little or no interruption to IESO’s ongoing activities. Under the terms of the agreement, IESO’s accredited Standard Operating Procedures have not been modified nor has the constitution of the IESO Standards Development Committee and its Consensus Body been altered. “Legal counsel on behalf of IAQA and IESO presented details of the transaction to ANSI officials, who told us their staff has no concerns related to IESO’s continuing status as an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer. Our Board, SDC, Consensus Body and numerous subcommittees continue to work on several active, ongoing standards projects,” said Steven Canter, IESO President.

Since 2006, IAQA has been IESO’s primary source of funding and volunteer support. “Making IESO an integral part of IAQA helps ensure our members’ investment in dues, volunteer time and association resources will pay off in the form of credible, scientifically based standards for IAQ practitioners,” said Glenn Fellman, executive director to both IAQA and IESO.

Look for more news about IAQA and IESO joining forces at the IAQA 13th Annual Meeting & Indoor Air Expo in Tampa, March 7-9, 2010. Leaders of both organizations will provide more details about the acquisition agreement, future plans, and most importantly, how you can get involved in the standards development process. For convention information, visit