Three organizations with leadership roles in the Forensic Restoration® industry have announced a partnership designed to move that segment of the restoration industry forward. BioPTO, Bio-Sheen, and Wonder Makers Environmental are committed to working together with others in the industry to elevate forensic restoration best practices, ethics, and other key components of this niche restoration market.

BioPTO, a professional trade organization representing crime and trauma scene cleanup organizations as well as medical waste haulers, has been active in the development of model legislation for regulations that will bring a higher level of professional service to those industries. In addition to pursuing that goal through the legislative process, BioPTO has officially endorsed the Guidelines for Professional Forensic Restoration® recently released by the Restoration Industry Association (RIA).

While the quest for appropriate regulatory guidelines for the medical waste hauling and forensic cleanup industries will continue to be a primary activity of BioPTO, its organizers realize that they needed to take additional steps to enhance the level of performance in these critical service arenas.

"Given that individuals who need crime or trauma scene cleanup are often in an emotionally vulnerable state it is important that service providers be of the highest professional caliber", noted Gordy Powell, president of BioPTO.  "While the regulators come up to speed we also need to be pushing to improve contractor performance on the voluntary end", Powell stated. "That is why we are so excited about the partnership with Wonder Makers and Bio- Sheen".

After helping to develop and shepherd the RIA document through the guideline approval process the principles of Wonder Makers and Bio-Sheen collaborated on the development of an operator training course that explain those guidelines in detail.

"The course to become a Certified Forensic OperatorTM is the real deal" said Jeff Jones, president of Bio-Sheen. "The Forensic OperatorTM course incorporates a base of classroom material along with extensive hands-on practice. We also detail the proper use of the latest technological equipment that helps to keep both the operators and the occupants safe" he stated.

Both BioPTO and Bio-Sheen knew that any training program that was going to advance the industry had to be top-notch. Partnering with Wonder Makers Environmental to create the Forensic Restoration® training manual and audiovisual accompaniments met that requirement for extremely high quality educational material.

"The material in this class was so far above anything currently available in the industry that BioPTO agreed to be the certifying body for the classes", Powell enthused. "This cutting-edge training has set a new bar for excellence in the forensic industry that we are proud to promote."

For more information regarding the training course subject details, costs, and class availability, individuals should contact Wonder Makers Environmental at 269-382-4154 or