Wood Dale, IL (Grassroots Newswire)- Disaster Kleenup International, Inc., announced today that it is encouraging individuals and affiliated companies throughout the United States and Canada to donate to the relief efforts in Myanmar by providing links to aid organizations on the DKI Web site.

On May 2, Tropical Cyclone Nargis devastated the Southeast Asian country formerly known as Burma with 120-mile-an-hour winds and a 12-foot tidal wave that has left more than 22,000 dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. The scope of the disaster combined with political instability in the region presents relief workers with a challenge to humanitarian efforts.

"Even for those of us who see disaster on a daily basis as part of our jobs, the immense scale of the devastation in Burma is beyond rational comprehension," said Dale Sailer, President of Disaster Kleenup International. "It is not surprising to me that our member companies nationwide are already finding ways to assist others halfway around the globe."

DKI is supporting Myanmar disaster relief by providing a way to reach organizations that are assisting the efforts. Effective immediately, visitors to DKI's Web site, www.disasterkleenup.com, will find a link to the UNICEF Web site at www.unicefusa.org and the Friends of the World Food Program Web site at www.friendsofwfp.org. Both organizations are supplying help to the area, including food, supplies, shelter, medicine and other items urgently needed in the 30,000-square-kilometer area ravaged by the storm.