Sparked by supply shortages of protection tarps and film throughout Florida and Texas, the polyethylene experts at Americover, a premier supplier of plastic sheeting, stepped in early to offer relief.  

“We knew the implications of these disasters would impact our industry significantly,” says Tevan Riedel, President of Americover. And they did according to reports, “Over According to Plastics Today, over 50%( of the U.S. polyethylene production has been disrupted,” said Riedel, “supply is limited, and supply chain bottlenecks are being addressed.”

Americover realized the economic and social impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma almost immediately after the disaster. Standard stock orders for protection film quadrupled and additional facilities were leased in an effort  to support an uninterrupted supply of material for their customers.

For 30 days, the surface protection company donated a portion of all sales to Habitat for Humanity; the organization is currently aiding housing and shelter needs while damage evaluation efforts build a strategic relief plan. The donation was sent specifically to aid in the habitat relief of Americans devastated by the 2017 hurricanes.

Americover hopes their grassroots effort to aid disaster relief will inspire other businesses to do more than take donations from customers. They hope others will actively participate in the fundraising process through similar sales initiatives.