Michael Young, a Sonitrol Pacific operator and sound analyst, detected sounds of dripping water inside a client's showroom and alerted the business owner of a possible leak before serious damage occurred May 23.

Young was monitoring activity for Sonitrol Pacific's Portland, Ore., clients with real-time audio sensors when he heard loud pattering and dripping sounds coming from a boating center Sonitrol Pacific protects. He immediately became suspicious of the unusual sounds and dispatched a guard service to find the source of the noise.

The guard reported finding a 10-foot leak in the facility's roof and Young called the business owner.

The business owner later reported a toilet from a second floor bathroom overflowed onto the wood floor and seeped through to drip on the first floor showroom. According to the business owner, Young's intuition saved them from serious water damage and all they have to contend with is a musty smell.