Real-time sketching and field documentation technology company magicplan announced a strategic partnership with Clean Claims, a leader in field service documentation and remote monitoring software. This collaboration is designed to streamline and enhance the restoration process, integrating the foremost technologies in sketching, documentation, and monitoring, the companies said.

Clean Claims ensures job accuracy and is an indispensable resource for restoration professionals, the companies said in a joint release. The integration with magicplan’s top-tier sketching and documentation technology is expected to create a cohesive and efficient workflow, improving both service quality and operational productivity.

The partnership aims to empower restoration professionals by combining the strengths of both platforms, thereby minimizing the time needed for on-site documentation and process monitoring. While traditional methods could extend over several hours or days, the magicplan and Clean Claims integration facilitates these critical tasks in minutes, according to the company.

Lane Larsen, president of Clean Claims, commented on the alliance: “Integrating magicplan's innovative technology with Clean Claims' precise monitoring and documentation capabilities is truly transformative for our customers. This collaboration enhances on-site efficiency and significantly speeds up the entire documentation process. Our users can now complete all on-site tasks swiftly, allowing them to lead the industry in performance and operational excellence.”

Andreas Böhm, CEO of magicplan, also reflected on the benefits of this partnership: “Every minute saved on the job is invaluable. This collaboration with Clean Claims is a milestone for us, aligning with our mission to bring transparency and efficiency to the restoration industry. By combining our technologies, we can offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the entire documentation and monitoring workflow.”

This cooperation between magicplan and Clean Claims underscores a mutual commitment to innovation, merging two leading solutions to set new standards in the industry. It offers restoration professionals a robust tool that simplifies their operations, increases accuracy, and accelerates the delivery of services.