Service-industry training specialist KnowHow is joining with Matterport to offer a comprehensive collection of detailed training solutions for Matterport’s digital twin platform and products.  

Matterport, Inc. and KnowHow, a leading software platform to onboard, skill-train workforces in the restoration industry, announced a partnership to deliver comprehensive “just-in-time” online system training for Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform to all KnowHow customers.

The employee turnover rate in construction and restoration is roughly 21%. For employees 24 or younger the rate is as high as 64%.1 As restoration crews face ongoing turnover, teams are increasingly turning to technologies like KnowHow to upskill employees that are new to the industry, or inexperienced for a specific job.

KnowHow commented that, through this partnership, it will offer its vast network of restoration professionals comprehensive training for Matterport's entire solution, from operating the Pro series cameras to capturing and documenting spaces effectively, ensuring optimal use of Matterport's Digital Twin Platform in their projects.

KnowHow is a leading software for onboarding and equipping workers in the restoration industry, supporting owners, franchisors, general managers, project managers, and field staff with digital, on the job training. With more than 150,000 step-by-step processes created by restoration staff, KnowHow provides its customers with intuitive training that provide workers with easy access to the knowledge they need to succeed in their role.

“Matterport is consistently ranked by restoration leaders as one of the industry’s top tools for photo documentation of job sites in our State of the Industry survey,” said Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow. “KnowHow helps customers get full horsepower out of tools like Matterport, ensuring staff know when and how to use it, regardless of their level of experience or language preference. This partnership reinforces Matterport’s fierce commitment to empowering their customers with all the tools they need to be successful in their role, and KnowHow’s dedication to building a confident workforce.”

Matterport’s digital twin technology transforms physical buildings and spaces into photorealistic 3D replicas. For the restoration industry, these easy-to-navigate 3D spaces deliver accurate, transparent, and fair documentation that save crews time, cut costs, and help them complete jobs much faster.

As part of Matterport's Winter 2024 Release: Automating the Future, Matterport launched Property Intelligence, its proprietary collection of AI-powered features that provides customers with access to automated measurements, layouts, editing, and reporting capabilities generated from a Matterport digital twin of their property. This can assist restoration professionals with better cost estimates for maintenance, reduce time spent traveling to site for additional detail, as well as increase collaboration with customers to ensure better project clarity that ultimately drives the best results.

"In an industry with consistent turnover, KnowHow is leading the charge in shrinking the skill gap for

restoration professionals,” said Jay Remley, chief revenue officer, Matterport. “KnowHow is an ideal partner to evangelize our solutions for the restoration industry, helping crews succeed quickly with confidence when using our digital twin solutions to help them complete jobs faster, more effectively.”

Matteport’s best practices and procedures are available to every new and existing KnowHow customer, on their desktop or mobile devices via the KnowHow app. With KnowHow’s step-by-step walkthroughs, restoration teams can get up to speed on Matterport’s services faster than ever.