Phoenix Restoration Equipment, a manufacturer in the extraction, air-scrubbing, evaporative drying, and dehumidification equipment market, has revealed an iteration of its restoration dehumidifier: the DryMax XL Pro. The announcement comes after the company’s public commitment to enhance the functionality and efficiency of its product range, finding solutions to existing shortcomings within the industry.

The DryMax XL Pro claims to be an improvement over its predecessors by addressing the key issue of maneuverability when ascending or descending stairs - a commonly noted challenge with horizontal dehumidifiers. This product comes in the form of an extended, two-position handle compared to traditional upright alternatives. 

The product provides new integrative features coordinated with DryLINK and DryLINK Asset Manager, including a built-in connection upon adding batteries, which eliminates the need to tag. It encompasses a USB port for DryPHONE remote monitoring, a locking cover for the storage area, the ability for stacking and nesting, and accommodates up to 140 pints per day at only 7.4 amps.

"The dehumidifier is not only better at moving up and down stairs, but it's also easier to maneuver overall, more compact, and helps restorers transport more equipment per trip," comments Erin Hynum, Senior Director of Product Management at Phoenix. Hynum confidently asserts the technologies within this new product outperform their traditional counterparts.

DryLINK, an industry-automated data collection tool, complements these offerings, providing remote monitoring, live drying reports, and asset management for the water mitigation market.

More information about the DryMax XL Pro, as well as Phoenix's wider range of restoration equipment, can be found on the company's website (