With just a few button clicks that take less than 15 seconds, you are about to discover how to land flood jobs using ChatGPT. 

When it comes to flood damage, it can be a downright disaster. Though, as a water damage restoration company, you can turn that disaster into a flood of jobs. So, how can you get those flood repair jobs? 

When someone has flood damage, it's a stressful situation. They want someone who can come in, take charge, and fix the problem. They want someone who will do it with a smile (or at least a sympathetic nod). 

You know what water damage restoration companies that get the business have in common? They are a content factory of water damage information. They consistently have the most and the best flood information content. They have the most comprehensive online resource of information available. This is why potential customers browsing on the internet trust their expertise. This is what causes them to pick up the phone and call. 

SEO professionals like to make Google sound more complex than it really is. Google is simply a tool that indexes answers to questions. The better your answers, the more you’re found. It’s that simple. 

Every single day, potential clients go to Google. They type in their flood problems, ask questions, read reviews, price shop, and check out their options. 

How does artificial intelligence tie into this? More on that in a second. 

Here are some example things the best jobs look for. 

  • Problems: Flood, burst pipes, leaking roofs, or plumbing issues, etc.
  • What got damaged: Furniture, electronics, mold, structural, etc. 
  • Questions: How much it’s going to cost, if insurance will cover it, what to look for in a contractor, etc.
  • Who to hire: Different companies they can hire, what they should look for, who is close by, etc. 
  • Different geographies: This suburb, that area, who is within 10 miles, who is near me, etc.
Google search

Every single one of these user searches is a standalone piece of content. Either you’re going to produce it and own that search result, or your competition will. 

The problem? There is so much people search about. Producing that much content is an insane amount of work. You’d almost have no time to actually work. 

At least, it used to be that way. 

Now, here’s the interesting part. Producing that much information used to take hours of research, writing, and organizing to produce top-notch content. 

Yet, look below. I just wrote this 500-word article in under 15 seconds with a one-sentence prompt. I should say, ChatGPT, which is a free AI tool, wrote this article in under 15 seconds.

AI-generated article

In fact, the first four paragraphs of this article you’re reading right now were written by artificial intelligence. 

Go back and read it again. Could you easily tell? Artificial Intelligence has gotten that good. It’s hard to tell. 

Understanding this for your restoration business is powerful. If you’re the first contractor in your area who understands this, you have a giant advantage. You can produce more content in an hour than your competitors could in two years. You can be the best single resource for all flood job information. You can create in minutes what used to take months and years. 

We’ve found just one quality article per day is enough to generate 30-50 phone calls every month like clockwork. 

Imagine every single time a homeowner with water damage goes to Google, they find your content. You become their go-to resource. The possibilities are endless.