Earthvisionz announces the launch of several new visualization tools to help disaster recovery professionals do their job with a higher degree of awareness during any severe weather event.

V-Alert, a mapping and threat tracking software aids in visualizing time-sensitive flooding and precipitation data to help operations managers and task teams for flood control and water damage repairs. With a push of a button operations managers can capture a map view of any approaching threat and share the analyzed data with decision-makers in real-time. Post-disaster damage can be remotely analyzed with satellite imagery overlays of before and after views for insurance adjusters and restorers before they get on site.

Field Team Tracker helps OM's keep in constant communication with their technicians who are moving equipment onto job sites and setting up mobile command centers. This real-time communications system also helps restorers share mission-critical information with their asset management customers and insurance partners during any critical event.

We are proud to announce our new website that features industries such as restoration recovery, property claims and insurance, lender services, mortgage banking, and smart cities. We also offer resources including guides on how to prepare and survive hurricanes and wildfires with respective white-page reports. For more information, please visit

Earthvisionz's mission is to help cities and restoration companies communicate in real-time to keep citizens safe and restore communities to normal life after disaster strikes. The company delivers real- time information to help create smarter cities, more resilient businesses, and faster recovery times for homeowners and business managers worldwide.