Accuserve integrated three companies - AccuWin, CodeBlue, and MadSky – effective this month. The three businesses are now unified under the Accuserve brand.

Consolidating the services of AccuWin, CodeBlue, and MadSky under the Accuserve umbrella simplifies the restoration process for Accuserve's carrier and contractor partners, as well as streamlines the process for property owners.  Accuserve is adding the necessary staff to handle the increased growth to ensure that there will be no changes in the processes, client and vendor relationships, or services that the clients of Accuserve and its affiliates have grown to expect.

"Our number one goal is to unify each stakeholder in pursuit of delivering timely, trusted, and high-quality restoration solutions to those enduring the crisis of property damage," said Rob Hanson, Accuserve's chief client officer. "At the end of the day, all of us are here to serve the property owner, and it's our honor to do so."

Accuserve works with property owners, insurance carriers, and a national network of contractors.