Building on the success of a pilot launch earlier this year, MBC Group and First General will expand the EcoClaim certification process that guides and informs a sustainability standard, providing clear protocols for insurers, adjusters, and restoration contractors. First General will now offer the MBC Group EcoClaim certification as part of its 5-year strategic sustainability plan to reduce impact, expand influence and support their communities.

The EcoClaim certification is designed to ensure sustainability measures are in place and proper protocols are taken to reduce landfill and non-recyclable materials, all while providing customers with live claim data on sustainable efforts ad the resulting CO2 reduction. First General is adding this certification to its suite of offerings as they work to incorporate green building and resiliency principles into infrastructure and property-level rebuilds.

The company is further committed to providing education and training to its project managers to provide the tools to properly communicate the sustainability program and provide insureds with education and information.

The reality of climate change has hit home and impacts our daily lives,” said First General CEO Frank Mirabelli. “ At First General, a major component of our long-term strategy is the adoption and support of sustainable business practices, not because it is the ‘in’ thing to do, but because it is the right thing to do.”