Makita U.S.A. Inc. announced an online solution for choosing the right combination of rotary hammer tools and accessories. The new Rotary Hammer Carbide page on displays the full line-up of powerful rotary hammers.

Makita rotary hammer carbide and demolition steel bits are presented in an interactive format with features, functions, and compatibility identified.

The Makita range includes rotary hammer carbide for drilling holes into concrete and masonry as well as tile, glass, ceramic, metal, and wood. The new web page presents premium bits for function-specific applications including drilling through reinforced or unreinforced concrete, core drill bits, tunnel drill bits for larger holes, and bits designed for dust extraction when used with a dust extractor. Makita rotary hammer carbide is available in SDS-PLUS, SDS-MAX, and Spline shank, as well as select bits with standard shank for use with common driver, impact, and hammer drills.

Makita demolition steel is for use with demolition and breaker hammers in heavy duty applications including concrete breaking, chipping, and scraping, as well as tamping, digging, driving ground rods, and more. Makita also offers demolition steel bits for use with rotary hammers for select lighter-duty chipping, scraping, and breaking applications, with select availability across SDS-PLUS, SDS-MAX, and Spline shank formats.

The world of concrete and masonry has many specialized processes and Makita has developed tools to meet those needs. Hammer drills are ubiquitous on the job site as their abilities are far-reaching Rotary Hammers are a mainstay on construction sites performing duties related to drilling holes in concrete (often through rebar or other tough materials), boring large diameter holes for anchors or for material pass-thru (ex: piping, ventilation, or electrical), and require two-handed-operation. Demo hammers are stout tools that break up concrete and masonry, drive through compacted earth or asphalt, and otherwise break up hard materials.