The “M” in NORMI no longer stands for mold. It now represents a broader view of the indoor environment, which is the theme of this Ask the Expert interview with NORMI CEO Doug Hoffman. The new name is National Organization of Remediators and Microbial Inspectors.

NORMI is a not-for-profit training and certifying organization for mold and indoor air quality professionals. Its courses and certifications are recognized and approved by all states that license mold professionals. This updated designation is a part of an effort to highlight NORMI as a resource for education, licensure and certification for remediation of indoor contaminants beyond mold. 

NORMI has several new initiatives and offerings to share with restoration and remediation contractors, so we invited Hoffman on to talk about them. He also offers his expert perspective on indoor air quality and mold remediation, from the regulatory landscape in the U.S., to common contractor misconceptions, to top trends heading into 2022, and promising advancements in tools and science. 

This episode covers:

  • The history, two-fold mission and target audience of NORMI
  • Highlights from the 2021 NORMI CE Conference
  • The relocation of the NORMIPro Academy
  • A new, free class the organization is offering related to FEMA and disaster response
  • Another free class NORMI is making available with Florida continuing education credits
  • Strategic alliances NORMI has created to benefit the industry, including customized curriculum for restoration franchisors
  • A Class A motor coach named NORMA that will be used as an on-the-ground resource for disaster efforts
  • Examples of indoor contaminants beyond mold that restoration and remediation contractors should be knowledgeable about
  • A broader view of the indoor air environment that involves not just fixing the problem, but ensuring the problem does not return
  • The landscape of mold remediation licensure in the U.S. including which states require a license and NORMI’s stance on requirements in more states
  • Common questions and misconceptions contractors have regarding mold and other indoor contaminants
  • The difference between remediation and assessment of indoor air quality, and why they should be separate
  • Key trends and predictions related to indoor air quality that contractors should be thinking about in 2022 

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