Eclipse Surface Technologies, a manufacturer and supplier of all things blasting, has announced new and improved versions of the Dry/Wet, Multi-Media Vapor Blaster, ECO-100. 

Jeff Paduano, president of Eclipse Surface Technologies, said "What we've come up with is a true combination unit. It allows people to switch from dry blasting to wet or vapor blasting on the fly with no damage to the system. Most blast pots have many valves and handles, and contractors don't always know which one to pull first. We wanted to see if we could come up with something so intuitive that when a contractor walks up to it, it is easy to fill and start blasting. So, from a design and engineering standpoint, we finally have a pot that we feel anyone can use. With the ECO-100 ELITE, when someone's ready to blast, they simply press the ‘on’ button, it pressurizes and is ready to go."

The newly revised, all-steel welded ECO-100 features an integrated water pump and allows the use of a wide variety of nozzle configurations, resulting in increased ease of use and improved portability. The ECO-100 is portable and compact enough to fit onto aerial lifts and scaffolding or into hard-to-reach areas like attics, crawl spaces and basements. This multi-process, multi-media blaster has two models: the Pressure-Release model (designated the ‘PRO’ model), which was built for project-oriented contractors and comes with a standard manual plunger media valve, and the Pressure-Hold model (designated the ‘ELITE’ model), which was built for production-oriented clients and comes with an upgraded, more precise media control valve. The ELITE model also features a simple on/off button, meaning the machine gets pressurized before blasting using the button on the control panel. Eclipse Surface Technologies touts both versions of this combo vapor blaster as reliable, safe and requiring minimum training.

Eclipse Surface Technologies also provides in-house, hands-on training to demonstrate the equipment and give clients the ability to test drive different blasting equipment, nozzle sizes and media out of their Hatfield Pa., Grand Rapids, Mich., and Greensboro, N.C. locations. The company is also seeking authorized distributors and dealers to sell the successful ECO-100.  

Eclipse Surface Technologies and its sister company ESCA Industries offer a diverse product range which includes a robust line-up of sand, soda and dustless blasting equipment, eco-friendly soft and hard abrasives, air dryers, air compressors, PPE, dust collectors, nozzles and other accessories.  ESCA is a proud member of several industry organizations including APT, ABC, AMPP, and PERA.