“Our job we take very seriously because we’re trying to put people’s lives back together,” said Darren Hudema, director of training and technical services with PuroClean, “So the tools and principles and how we approach that becomes extremely important. … We need to make sure our approach is one that bodes confidence, not only in ourselves in how we approach the job, but our clients have confidence in what we’re bringing to them. And the only way to do that is to make sure that we’ve got the proper training in place to help accomplish those end results as far as goals are concerned and principles.” 

PuroClean recently offered its inaugural Microbial Warriors training program, which proved a huge success with new and seasoned franchises. Hudema reached out to fellow industry veteran Jeff Jones, master trainer of the Artemis Biorisk Training Academy’s Microbial Warrior experience, to lead the course. 

In this episode, Jones and Hudema dive deep into what made the course so impactful. They cover everything from what biohazards and infectious agents are, to forensic restoration training tips, to the state of forensic restoration. 

“Total training should be mental, physical and spiritual,” Jones said. 

This episode covers:

  • The paths that led Jones and Hudema to the restoration industry
  • The respective roles Jones and Hudema played in the training 
  • Biohazards and infectious disease defined
  • An overview of forensic restoration versus crime scene cleanup
  • The three major components to any forensic restoration project
  • The significance of safety as a prime directive of the Microbial Warrior training experience
  • The power of proper protocols, procedures and practices paired with the mindset of a warrior
  • Navigating the difficult human elements of forensic restoration and finding the right words to say to clients
  • The difference between learning and training
  • Creating a realistic environment for training that includes hands-on opportunities
  • The value of partnering with an external organization to offer an effective training experience to franchises and/or employees
  • The state of forensic restoration today and predictions for tomorrow 

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