Below is an open letter from Restoration Industry Association leadership to the restoration industry.

Fellow Restorers,

As you know, RIA recently released the industry’s first Third Party Administrator (TPA) Scorecard. The purpose of this Scorecard is to help contractors make informed decisions and to ultimately improve the restorer/TPA relationship. 

The Scorecard is intended to be a constructive means to drive change within the TPA environment. We understand many RIA members rely on TPAs for revenue, and TPAs rely on restorers to fulfill their promise to carriers. Now is the time to bridge the gap that exists between restorers and TPAs. The Scorecard report is available as an RIA member-only benefit and can be accessed here.

Since the release of the TPA Scorecard, Ed Cross, RIA’s Restoration Advocate has been conducting constructive conversations with TPAs on how the restorer/TPA relationship can be improved. 

TPAs are seeking more specific input and suggestions from restorers on what improvements can be made. This is your unique opportunity to provide your input to TPAs.

RIA has developed an anonymous TPA Scorecard Feedback Survey for restorers to provide specific input and suggestions on what they would like to see changed to improve the restorer/TPA relationship. The input provided will be utilized by the Restoration Advocate to advocate for key improvements that will address the most commonly identified pain points and challenges restorers face in working with TPAs. 

Here’s how this anonymous survey will work: 

  • Complete a survey for each program you participate in by clicking on the link below.
  • If you do not work with all of the programs in the survey, simply answer “no” and those sets of questions will be skipped.
  • It should take less than 15 minutes to complete the entire survey.
  • The same questions will be asked of each program.
  • You may forward the link to the appropriate person(s) in your company to complete.
  • If you have multiple branches who participate independently in programs, ask each branch to complete the survey.
  • We encourage you to share this survey with your network. You do not have to be an RIA member to complete the survey.

After the survey period, our Restoration Advocate will take the results to the TPAs and discuss ways to improve the Contractor/TPA relationship. 

We ask that you complete this survey by December 1, 2020. 

Thank you for helping us advocate for the best interests of restoration contractors nationwide.


Mark Springer
RIA President

Katie Smith
AGA Chair