Documenting job conditions and dehumidifier performance just got easier with the new Command Hub now built into Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers. This new touchscreen device provides several key at-a-glance readings from the unit’s home screen: inlet and outlet temperature, relative humidity, GPP, grain depression, and humidistat and purge status.

Icon-based menus give Command Hub users ready access to all dehumidifier operations, including maintenance intervals, job details, humidistat control, and even a dynamic job progress chart that maps ambient temperature and RH for up to 30 readings.

"We built the Command Hub to provide key information about the drying environment quickly," said John London, Legend Brands product manager. "The technician can see exactly what's happening on the job site and make changes accordingly. This saves time and enables more efficient drying."

The Command Hub’s resistive-touch LCD screen performs reliably even in damp conditions. Its onboard humidistat can be set to maintain humidity from 30%–90% RH at 5% increments. System status such as compressor cooldown, job hours, life hours, and power failure counters are readily accessible. Users can select English, Spanish, or French language displays and easily change from Fahrenheit to Celsius temperatures.

With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi already built in, Command Hub users will soon be able to monitor and control their equipment—both at the job site and remotely from any Android or Apple device—using a new mobile app in development. The app will also deliver firmware updates to dehumidifiers with the Command Hub to take immediate advantage of new features and performance enhancements.

The Command Hub’s future seamless integration with Next Gear Solutions' MICA Mobile system promises the ultimate job management efficiency.

The new Command Hub is now built into most Dri-Eaz LGR dehumidifiers, including the Revolution LGR, LGR 6000Li, LGR 7000LXi, LGR 2800i and LGR 3500i, and related models, as well as the PHD 200 crawlspace environmental control unit. Customers who already own i-Series dehumidifiers can purchase the Command Hub from distributors to upgrade their existing inventory.

To learn more about the Command Hub, visit or contact a local Legend Brands distributor.