Wonder Makers Environmental, in conjunction with Mathias Environmental developed a detailed white paper for everyone who is exploring the options for using enhancements to existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to address the risk from COVID-19. The paper is an objective resource to assist individuals in understanding the available options for equipment that can be added to HVAC systems. Neither Wonder Makers nor Mathias Environmental have any financial ties to the manufacturers or distributors of equipment that is discussed in the white paper.

Specifically, the white paper entitled A Review of Enhancements to HVAC Systems Marketed to Address COVID-19 and Improve Overall Air Quality, explains the basic theory of operation, as well as the pros and cons, of:

  1. traditional filtration
  2. ultraviolet light (UV) - also known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI)
  3. polar/bipolar ionization
  4. electrostatic precipitators
  5. hydroxyl radical generators
  6. ozone generators

With many facilities trying to reopen safely as pandemic restrictions are lifted, building managers and occupants are evaluating steps to improve the safety of the workplace. But, as Dave Heydinger, the president of Mathias Environmental, noted, “Ever since COVID entered our world, we have been flooded with marketing for systems that have claims which seem too good to be true.” The difficulty of finding unbiased information that would help in evaluating such technology was the driving force behind the development of the white paper.

For assistance in evaluating the marketing claims of the different approaches to cleaning the air, killing microorganisms, and explaining the options in a way people could understand, Heydinger turned to Wonder Makers Environmental. Their CEO, Michael Pinto, was excited about the idea of helping to educate the public and noted: “We were blessed to help Mathias Environmental sort fact from fiction in regards to the claims of all these add-on equipment systems.”

In the world of COVID re-opening and mitigation of risk, air quality and cleanliness are of paramount importance. Nevertheless, systems claiming to kill viral particles should be evaluated with a healthy dose of skepticism. The white paper provides a review of how different types of HVAC enhancements operate as well as a sober appreciation of the limitations inherent in each technology. The primary goal was to help people understand that the health effects from what is intentionally added to the air must not be more harmful than what is already in the indoor environment.  

More information, including the white paper itself (as well as other educational resources and consulting services) can be found at: www.wondermakers.com and www.mathiasenvironmental.com. Click here for a direct link to the white paper.