Certified Mold-Free Corp (CMF) has extended its services into Coronavirus training as well as Coronavirus disinfection services.

What challenges are faced in developing a Coronavirus-Free Disinfection Program?

The main questions contractors asked:

  1. What are the methods available for Post Remediation Verification (PRV) testing for Coronavirus?

  2. Do they work … are they reliable?

  3. Can I get insurance for Coronavirus disinfection and what are the restrictions if any?

  4. What are the risk/reward tradeoffs?  Certainly we would like to differentiate our company’s services from others that do not and cannot provide a Proof of Coronavirus Disinfection but would this pose a legal risk?

  5. What would the contract language look like to provide Proof of Coronavirus Disinfection? Any changes required to our current CMF contract language guaranteeing that remediation is Mold Free?

We answer these questions in a free training PowerPoint called: Testing Methods to Prove Coronavirus Disinfection Success. This is available online/anytime.

Course Purpose:

  • Evaluate different methods for testing for the success of coronavirus disinfection. Also called Clearance Testing or Post Remediation Verification testing. Why?

    1. In order to provide a Coronavirus-Free Warranty/Guarantee/Clearance Certification.

    2. In order to reduce your liability. Someone gets sick and perhaps dies in a facility after you disinfect, if you prove it was perfect when you disinfected, then it will be hard or perhaps impossible for the plaintiff to find an attorney to take the case on contingency.

    3. Because you want to know that you did a perfect job.  And have left the facility 100% safe.

It is a supplement to our Coronavirus Decontamination / Sanitization training. Online webinar that provides training on Green, Chemical-Free methods for Coronavirus disinfection services.

David Dybdahl, president of ARMR Network, says:

One of the biggest problems we have had in developing risk management strategies for the contractors in the virus decontamination business is figuring out a way to reliability verify that the contractor has done a good job, on an affordable basis. In the liability insurance game it is all about having a legally defensible insurance buyer.

What Dr. Rosen has come up with is a break through.  His prescribed method works, and it is very inexpensive compared to the alternative methods of verifying clearance. Certifying site clearance from virus contamination is what building owners are going to want see from the cleaning firms that they hire.  For them cleaning is all about avoiding liability.

In the hands of an articulate marketing rep selling the benefits of verified clearance, contracts for cleaning services will be won or lost over the legal defensibility of the cleaning services they provide.

A Little Background

Gary Rosen, Ph.D. is a Florida Licensed Mold Remediation and Mold Assessment contractor as well as Building Contractor with a specialty in evaluating and remediating sick building syndrome.

Dr. Rosen is the President of the National Association of Environmentally Responsible Mold Contractors an organization dedicated to providing as a public service completely free Green, Chemical-Free Mold Remediation/Assessment training (www.Free-Mold-Training.org).

As well, he is the President of Certified Mold Free Corp. (CMF) [www.mold-free.org] a mold remediation company established in 2003.  As the name implies along with remediation (Green, Chemical-Free), CMF certifies the remediated property as Mold Free.  This is done by a combination of testing methods:  Visual testing of surfaces using white glove testing; Air Sampling (spore traps/viables/DNA);  as well as ATP testing for cleanliness; and checking for elimination of problem odors/irritation.

Note: We are not attorneys. Your attorney and/or Insurance Carrier should decide what approach if any makes sense for providing a Warranty.