For nearly 25 years, Edward Cross has been drafting service agreements for the restoration industry and today, Now, he is delighted to announce that his standardized California Coronavirus [COVID-19] Service Contract ("CSC") is available for immediate download at  It is a concise but thorough Service Contract adaptable to commercial and residential jobs, large and small. The Contract is based on California law, but can be modified for use outside California by a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction.

Ed Cross has partnered with Encircle to create fully mobile friendly versions of this and all my contract forms which restorers' customers can access via a link on a text message which will take them to a site where they can read contracts in a large comfortable format and sign with their fingers using any mobile device, including cell phones. Encircle's technology is more user friendly than other mobile signature applications.

The Contract and its accompanying guidance material address a myriad of challenging legal issues associated with COVID-19 work:

  • How to provide value to the customer without guaranteeing an outcome;
  • How to explain that the Customer is purchasing a process and not any specific result;
  • How to address the effects of re-contamination once the property is reopened;
  • How to fairly shift liability to the customer and the customer's hygienist;
  • How to protect the contractor when no hygienist is involved;
  • How to disclose the risks of COVID-19 and help the customer manage the risks;
  • How to control security at the property to reduce the risk of possible recontamination while the work is performed;
  • How to get proper informed consent from the customer for the use of antimicrobials, virucides and other products;
  • How to determine what information about the products should be disclosed to the customer;
  • How to determine if the Home Improvement Contract Law applies to COVID-19 service;
  • How to protect against claims that lesser expensive alternatives should have been recommended;
  • How to address casualties that occur during the work;
  • And much more, for only $995!

The Contract comes with detailed instructions and guidance material on how to tackle these challenging projects, fairly and legally. It is available now in editable MS Word format from Ed's firm's Store, and it will be sent to your email as a download link once your purchase is complete. For details on the payment method, see below.

Again, the Contract is based on California law, but can be modified for use outside California by a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction. This is a product, not a service, and the purchase of the package does not create an attorney-client relationship. However, Ed will be available on a limited basis to assist contractors and their local counsel in customizing the contracts to suit their specific business models, on an hourly fee basis in addition to the cost of the forms.

Like all the forms this firm sells, your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, as explained on our site. If you don't like the forms for any reason, just let me know, and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Please call 760 773-4002 if you have questions. Alan, in Ed's office, can answer questions if Ed himself is unavailable.


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